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Selena Gomez - Undercover Music Video x

Selena is a police officer of the United States, and has a mission to find the searched Matthew Ryan. But the two become involved in a dangerous and fatal attraction. She feared for her life by, and burned the story. Forever.

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Colorporns desativado temporariamente. Você poderá me encontrar, e a Cat em »> workgifs

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20 Psd Colorporns

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May you need to adjust some layers.

Gifs by workgifs

Download /

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Coloring 28 by sloudpsds ((for icons))

Just don’t repost and I’m happy

If you like, download [here]

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icons-tricks: a selena ta lerdando muito pra lançar a musica né? lfdskjfdljsfd

Sim cara a,sasklamskl o mulher lenta. Vazou CAGI, vazou o Stars Dance, vazou o clipe de Slow Down, vazou Getaway, mas não lança My dilemma 2.0 </3 Selenator?

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Colorporns PSD #019

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Download here ((x))

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Primeiramente, obrigada aos que me colocaram no seu ff, obrigada por lembrar de mim, eu amo todos vocês ♡

{{ l-agallerrie, wasirauhlpsds, vanillaps, plliarsicons, twivamps, uphotoshop, rollpsds, vampirepsds, vampedit, kisses-psds, colorizeps, twicollins, looksgreat, atnlovers, fetchpsds, artjunkpsds, allforps, dirrtylady, galleryps, colorfulps, fairytalepsds, labofcolors, wolfcoloring, breakeditions, californiaps, bitchcoloring, twiseriez, lordpsds, monsterps, colorporns, sloudpsds, twisemis, hipnotizepsds, tripicons }}

Perdão se eu esqueci de alguém, rebloguem se estiverem aí por favor ♡

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Anonymous: vou tentar

(?) Tentar o que amor?

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